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Canvasback Investigations is a private investigation company that provides investigative support to legal firms businesses and individuals throughout Colorado. The number of quality investigators is dwindling. Attorneys and businesses are searching for high quality, thorough and honest investigators to protect their legal, business, personal, and financial needs. A steady increase in criminal, civil, and domestic litigation has led to an increase in overall caseload across the country. Law firms, businesses and individuals are looking for an advantage when protecting their interests. A solid investigator who provides the honest facts about their situation is essential for that advantage. Today's investigator must be technologically savvy, energetic, and able to think outside the box. The gumshoe of yesterday is a thing of the past and in today's market, is being eclipsed by a new professional investigator who can adjust to ever changing market needs. Canvasback Investigations provides just that. We have over 50,000 hours of investigative experience combined with knowledge and skills in the area of investigation and advanced technology. Canvasback Investigations also has the advantage of having a thorough and in depth knowledge of modern law enforcement investigative practices and techniques. Contact us for your investigative needs and to schedule a FREE consultation. 

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